Pompe Funebri Bolzano - Cerimonie San Francesco - Bestattung Bozen


Relatives or friends of the deceased, together with a funeral services company, can plan the funeral.

It is important that the company carries out a complete service so as not to burden you with additional thoughts and issues to resolve.

All of this is offered by our experience and organization.

The notice of death is required within 24 hours of death, therefore, you should contact us in time even if it happens to be a Sunday or weekday.

In addition to reporting the death to the office of vital statistics and handling of all bureaucratic paperwork with the municipalities, hospitals, clinics, nursing homes, doctors, crematories etc. we provide death certificates. As soon as possible the corpse is transported to the cemetery’s morgue.

Open coffin viewing is possible until the time of closing, which takes place on the morning of the funeral. It is possible to witness the closing, having a pastor beside you if you would like.

After the closure, the corpse is transported to the church or the chapel of the cemetery or elsewhere for religious or non-religious burial.

Our office will contact your Parish and together, we will decide the day and time of the funeral.

Our direct collaboration with local and national media who publish obituaries allows us to place an obituary at the same price of the offices. We will write the text of the obituary, while taking into account your needs.

  • Obituaries in local and national newspapers and Internet
  • Inscriptions and Service Stationary
  • Coffins and Urns
  • Floral Arrangements
  • Dressing the deceased
  • National and international transport
  • Legal support of the paperwork that the family must sustain after the funeral and assistance in the request for contributions for funeral expenses